TxDMV Adopts and Amends Rules

Following are recently adopted and amended rules by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) regarding webDealer; accessing the agency’s records and record keeping.

Accessing Agency’s Records:
The agency adopts and amends rules to clarify the procedures to access motor vehicle records and the cost for obtaining the records. The department may make motor vehicle information available electronically under the terms of a written service agreement which requires an initial deposit and a minimum balance to be maintained.

Usage of the information is conditioned upon compliance with the Motor Vehicle Records Disclosure Act, Chapter 730, Transportation Code and 18 U.S.C. § 2721, et seq. The department may prohibit a person, business, or a Texas governmental entity from receiving personal information if the department finds a violation of a term or condition of the agreement.

The automated and web-based vehicle registration and title system is designed to provide a more efficient and cost-effective system for registering and titling vehicles, submitting title and registration records to TACs and to the department in addition to improving inventory control and reporting and collecting applicable fees.

The webDEALER system expedites the registration and title process and facilitates the department’s motor vehicle records for law enforcement.

The department makes a “fair share” allocation of the automated equipment to a county when requested by a resolution of that county’s commissioners court. The department may also lease additional equipment in an amount covering the department’s costs.The department collects an additional S.50 fee for each registration and deposits the fee in the TxDMV fund.

At the discretion of the TAC, automated equipment may be located at sites other than those of the county TAC. At the discretion of the county TAC, the county may accept title applications submitted through webDEALER. A dealer using webDEALER must contact each entity they submit a title application to for authorization to use webDEALER, including the TAC and the department.

If submitting a title application through webDEALER:
1. Stamp “SURRENDERED” across the front, face, and the next open assignment or reassignment space of any secure title document or other acceptable ownership evidence as determined by the department in:
• Arial font;
• Black ink; and,
• A size of 1/4 height x 2 1/4” length.
2. Retain the physical title document and all other ownership evidence for a minimum
of 4 years from the date of submitting a scanned copy of the stamped title document using
the webDEALER system; and,
3. Submit any required documents with a title application with a scanned resolution of 200
dots per inch (DPI).

A dealer may maintain a record in an electronic format if the dealer is able to print the record at the licensed location upon request by a department representative, except that if the dealer is using the web-based title application, a/k/a, webDEALER, then the dealer must retain the physical title document and all other ownership evidence for a minimum of 4 years from the date of submitting the scanned documents using webDEALER. The original hard copy titles are not required to be kept at the licensed location, but must be available to the department upon request.

A dealer’s records for the preceding 13 months must be maintained at the dealer’s licensed location. Original titles are not required to be kept at the licensed location but must be made available at the agency’s reasonable request. A dealer’s records for prior time periods may be kept off-site.