The Work We Do…

The Texas Motorcycle Dealers Association is one of the country’s oldest associations for powersports dealers. While these organizations used to exist in almost every state, newer and younger owners and operators failed to see the value in them, and many have folded over the years.

The TMDA has been responsible for moving many important bills through the Texas Legislature. Over the years the TMDA has been the guiding force behind some of the following:

• Increasing the DOC fee cap from $50 to $125
• Leveling the playing field with bordering states, making it tougher for them to sell vehicles tax-free to Texas residents (when TX dealers had to charge those same customers sales tax)
• Legislation that essentially treats UTVs as motor vehicles and standardizing titling requirements
• Ensuring that OEMs are not allowed to stack multiple dealerships on top of each other

The TMDA has also worked to keep operators up to date on legislation that impacts their dealerships, making sure that dealers are not blindsided by laws and statutes that they did not know about.

If you are a powersports dealer in TX, and you aren’t a member of the TMDA, we strongly urge you to join. It’s the best return on an investment that you will ever earn. Help us do the work that actually helps you to improve the way your dealership does business. Click the “Join Today” tab now or reach out to us for more information.