Revised Notice of Complaint Procedure for New Vehicles

A franchised dealer is required to provide notice of complaint procedures to each person to whom the dealer sells a new motor vehicle.  (Occupations Code § 2301.205(a))

Attached is the recently revised form, Notice of Complaint Procedure for New Vehicle Owners and Lessees.  The post office box address, telephone number, and website address have changed.  (Click HERE for Notice of Complaint Procedure.)

The new address is:  Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, Enforcement Division, Post Office Box 26515, Austin, TX 78755-0515; (512) 465-3000 or (888) 368-4689;

The forwarding order for the post office box address on the previous form (Revised 1/2012) will expire September 1, 2014.

You may continue to use the previous form with the Revision date of 1/2012 only if you create labels containing the updated addresses and telephone number and place the labels on the form.