Recall Disclosure Form

The number of manufacturer recalls raises concerns for dealerships in the sales and service departments. In response TMDA asked Karen Phillips, Chief Legal Counsel for the Texas Automobile Dealers Association to speak at the recent TMDA Conference in Austin. At the conference Ms. Phillips referenced a sample Recall Disclosure Form. A link to the form is below.

The form may be used when a vehicle is not the subject of a “stop sale” or “stop drive” from a manufacturer or distributor. If a vehicle is the subject of a “stop sale” or “stop drive,” that vehicle should not be sold or driven until the repair is complete.

If a dealership elects to sell a vehicle that is a part of a recall that is not a “stop sale” or “stop drive”, it is recommended that the dealership make the purchaser aware of the recall. This recommendation includes both a retail and a wholesale purchaser.

This form may be used in the sales, F & I department, or service department.

Click here for the Recall Disclosure Form.