FTC Reminds Businesses of Duties to Victims of Identity Theft

Given several recent high-profile data breaches and the attendant likelihood of identity theft incidents, the FTC has issued a reminder to all businesses of their duties under federal law to identity theft victims.  Specifically, businesses are reminded that they must provide identity theft victims – or law enforcement at the victim’s request – with a copy of records relating to the theft.  Following a written request from an identity theft victim, you must provide the records within 30 days, free of charge and without a subpoena.  You must also take steps to ensure that the person asking for the records is who they say they are, to avoid scammers from taking advantage of this requirement.  Dealers can find more details on these requirements here: https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/businesses-must-provide-victims-law-enforcement-transaction

Source: FTC