About TMDA

The Texas Motorcycle Dealers Association (TMDA) is the statewide trade association representing franchised powersport dealerships in nearly every community throughout the state of Texas. It represents the dealer body before the Texas Legislature and all regulatory agencies as the voice of Texas’ franchised powersport dealers in public policy and regulatory matters. TMDA is the dealer’s advocate in dealer/manufacturer relations, addressing dealer concerns with manufacturers and distributors. TMDA is also a resource for its members, provides educational training programs, regulatory support, and an annual conference. By supporting laws that benefit franchised motorcycle dealers, TMDA is responsible for a business climate that not only protects your business but also helps it grow. The Texas Motorcycle Dealers Association is one of a very few powersport dealership associations in the United States and is considered the most powerful and influential.

TMDA’s Legislative Priorities in the 86th Legislative Session to begin in January 2019 are:

  • Legislation to eliminate out of state sales that have not only drastically reduced your sales but also cost the state millions of dollars in lost tax revenue. TMDA has hired a lobbyist to help pass this legislation.
  • Work in conjunction with the Texas Automobile Dealers Association to continue the prohibition of direct sales by the manufacturers to the public.

Texas powersport dealers are most powerful when we speak with as one voice—we need your membership and also your contribution to the Legislative Fund.