Help TMDA Pass Legislation to Curb Out of State Sales By Texas Residents

Members of the Texas Legislature are actively campaigning in their districts in advance of the November 2018 elections. This summer is a great time to meet with your state senator and state representative, and to let them know of our main legislative priority for the session that begins in January 2019: passing legislation to curb out of state sales of off road motorcycle and ATV’s to Texas residents.

Due to TMDA’s efforts, many legislators know of this issue already, but some may not.  Inform them that dealers in bordering states are engaging in unfair competition, encouraging Texas resident to cross the border to improperly buy new off-road motorcycles and ATV’s “tax free.”  Let them know that this is costing Texans jobs and revenue.  Ask them to support TMDA’s bill this session, which will give TDMV and the Comptroller simple tools to collect unpaid taxes, and level the playing field for Texas motorcycle dealers. Similar legislation was passed recently in Washington State to solve the same problem.

To find your Texas State Senator and Texas State Representative click here. Call their district office to set up a meeting. Additionally, we encourage you to invite your State Senator and State Representative to visit your dealership. It is an opportunity to get to know them and to see first hand the investment that you have in your business and your employees.